Issue cover fails to upload on OJS3

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On OJS3, we cannot upload the cover image for a new issue. Here’s our journal manager:

“I seem to have run into an issue where the cover image for an issue fails to upload properly. Here are a few screenshots of what happened. In short, I was able to drag and drop the .png file of the cover, and it seems to upload, but then when I click “Save” I get an error message saying that only .png .jpg or .gif files are supported (which does not make sense since I uploaded a .png file). I have tried this repeatedly with a .png and also a .jpg and get the same error message each time. Do you have an idea of what might be causing this issue?”


Have you checked that there is a .png extension at the end? Did you also click “upload file” before saving?



Hi @wilsonw,

Most likely OJS is having trouble getting the MIME type of the uploaded PNG file, which it uses to ensure that the file is actually the type that’s required. Search this forum for MIME and you’ll find related threads with suggested solutions.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Thanks @asmecher

Error message on upload: "No file uploaded or invalid file type!" worked after commenting out mime_database_path in