"Issue" and "Number" in OJS!

I am just confused with Issue and Number meaning in OJS.
As We know, “Volume” typically refers to the number of years the publication has been circulated, and “Issue” refers to how many times that periodical has been published during that year.
In OJS, when you want to create a Future Issue, it asks for Volume, Number, and Year. Whereas, in the Volume metadata it is written “Issues”!!!
The question is; are both “Issue” and “Number” give the same meaning in the OJS?

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The problem that some journal use Volume/Issue scheme (e.g. Volume 11, Issue 2) might cause confusion.
So, issue and number should be the same, while volume (the name should be self-explanatory) consists of all issues/numbers published in the same year.

In OJS “issue” might mean the same as we would say “new issue of magazine…” or “new issue of stocks”, meaning new piece of publication which is collection of papers, being it a new volume + new number or the same volume + new number.
It is obvious from the given screenshot (taken from: https://pkp.gitbooks.io/ojs3/content/en/future_issues.html).

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I think OJS should be more consistent and stick with one of the terms, or in the setting allow Admin to choose the desired combination that suits their journal.

We would rather have the issue with in one volume but use the number to indicate sequencing from first publication onward such as

Number (23), Vol. 6, Issue 3,

Hi @Dilan_Rostam,

This is an area of terminology where we’re not likely to make everybody happy, and adding options in setup to permit customization here will lead to an unusably large set of setup forms. I would recommend considering something like the Custom Locale plugin to introduce your own naming, when you wish to do so.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I was just thinking make your life easy as you use both of them in different setting. The most common and widely used in Vol and Issue concepts and that should be. However with a setting happiness become by choice.

Thank you