Is there any way to use OPS workflow in OJS?

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I would like to have the review workflow in OJS exactly like OPS workflow. Is there any easy way of doing it?

I don’t want to modify source of OJS to keep easy to update. Also, I would like to track updates in workflow from OPS.

Maybe a plugin to keep track of OPS git and overriding the workflow? But how?

Or, does it exists any plugin that modify OJS workflow to be similar to OPS (simpler & faster)?

What application are you using?
OJS 3.4

Hi @henriquejsfj,

You’re unlikely to get it exactly like OPS by using OJS, but there may be aspects of the OPS workflow that you could mimic to some degree. What aspects of the OPS workflow appeal most to you?

PKP Team

Hello @rcgillis,

The OPS main aspect that I need is a single step review with only comments and Approval/Reject. I don’t need peer-review.

Unfortunately, I can’t use OPS instead because I need to control issue and other stuff.

So, since there are no way of doing it directly I suppose I may do a plugin to add the aspects I need, right? Is there any similar plugin?

Maybe it would be nice to make the workflow configurable, where the user may choose between peer-review or simpler (since both are already implemented).

Hi @henriquejsf,

Hmmm… one way you could possibly go about this is to have a section within OJS, and make it not peer-reviewed in the settings: - that would at least cut out the review part of hte workflow and you could just skip other aspects of the workflow. It might be worth testing out. I’m not aware of any plugins that would enable you do anything like this.

PKP Team

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Thanks @rcgillis,

I didn´t know about this this option of removing the peer-review. Soon I will start the plugin to make OJS workflow similar to OPS.

I found the solution to it by comparing OPS with OJS, unfortunately, it was not possible to make it through a plugin requiring to modify the APP codes.

See the necessary changes on this branch on my fork for the OJS 3.4 version.

Note that, if your OJS is already installed you will need to:

  • Change the database submission table to set the default value of stage_id to 5.
  • Set the stage_id of all submissions to 5.

Do not use it blindly in a production server. This mod is running on my custom installation but may not be suitable depending on your config.