Is there a way to log the upgrade process?

Hey all,

I’m trying to run an OJS upgrade at the moment and would like to be able to save a log file of the entire process as it’s constantly reporting that:

‘A submission file was expected but not found at /path/to/missing/file’


I ran the upgrade process suffixed with: > upgrade.txt

and upon inspection of the upgrade.txt file, it only contains the following:


Thanks all and kind regards,

Hi @Brody

I suspect the reason why your redirect didn’t log errors is because those messages are generated with the error_log() command and those go to the STDERR, not STDOUT. You can send them both to your log file with either:

php tools/upgrade.php upgrade &> upgrade.txt


php tools/upgrade.php > upgrade.txt 2>&1


Hi @jnugent ,

Okay that’s great thanks a lot. If this upgrade fails, I’ll try it again with that command instead.

Many thanks,