Is the Keyword Cloud plugin no longer compatible with OJS 3.3?

I noticed that the Keyword Cloud plugin is missing from the listing on OJS 3.3.

Is there an alternative to it?

That is odd, is the Gallery remotely updated? Because it were always present, even in the previous version automatically. Since it was no longer in the Gallery but the other plugins that I used were all there I assumed that it must have conflicted with something as was removed.

Hi @luizborges,

Sorry - I was wrong in my earlier post.
You actually shouldn’t install plugins if they aren’t sure if they’ve not been tested and deemed compatible – it has the potential to break your site.

One way of telling that plugins have been tested and deemed compatible with a release of OJS is by looking at the plugin gallery xml file:, which is continuously updated with plugin compatibility information. This file indicates the version and application that has been tested with the plugin. For example, currently for the Keyword Cloud plugin it reads, indicating that it has not been deemed compatibile for OJS 3.3 (or 3.2).

	<compatibility application="ojs2">

The Keyword Cloud plugin is written by a 3rd party so I’d suggest contacting the author of the plugin and requesting that they update their plugin to be compatible with later versions of OJS. See Keyword Cloud Plugin for OJS3 - #13 by asmecher for details.

Best regards,

PKP staff