Is OJS OpenURL Compliant

Hi, just wondering if OJS is OpenURL compliant yet. I saw on the old forum back in 2009 that it was not but was the plan to have it compliant.


I think the old thread you are referencing is:

I’m not sure what “OpenURL compliance” looks like in this context. Isn’t this the responsibility of the OpenURL resolver, not of any publisher system?

If the publisher supports openURLs fully then visitors coming from a Library’s link resolver should get directly to the journal article. If it is not supported they might get to the publishers home page. If it’s partially supported they may get to the journal title page.

From a reader’s perspective when they click on a link in the library discovery system they usually want to get the full text of the article and not have to go browsing in the publisher’s system.

The openURL can contain identifying data to the article level, but if the publisher’s system does not know what to do with it then the reader is dissatisfied.

I’m still not clear on the distinction you are making on the publisher’s side, but OJS certainly supports links at every level: Journal, Issue, Article, File.

If a system forms an OpenURL based on a title, for example, it is the resolver’s responsibility to translate that into a URL which resolves to the title-level object in the publisher’s system.

If the discovery layer says “The Far Side Gallery 3” with ISBN 0836218310 can be handled by, that’s what the resolver gets:
The resolver then converts that query into resolvable target links at the publisher:

I don’t think the publisher really has anything to do with the OpenURL.

OpenURL is in need of a systematic URL design on the publishers’s side. That’s not the case right now (V2) because the issue and article numbers in the URIs are random. You are able to edit it manually but that can cause a lot of work. A DOI can help but SFX doesn’t support DataCite as far as I know.

Hi @trace,

Have you seen the Resolver plugin? Have a look at plugins/gateways/resolver/README.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team