Is it possible to hide file metadata tag during file upload?

During the file uploading, after each file is uploaded a tag with the file metadata is offered to authors.

I want to hide this tag, as this is something not usually asked for (I have never done this as an author). So, the best I expect for this tag is authors to ignore it, but some could get confused.


I have found a closed thread in GitHub where this feature is mentioned as something that could be done but without a specific schedule.

I also found about the metadata of the submission, but I am interested in hiding the file metadata tag

Is this implemented, or should I just ask the authors to ignore it?

Hi @miguelmo,

It looks as though file-level metadata was removed from OJS as of version 3.3.0 as indicated in that issue that you pointed out - what version are you using?

PKP Team

Thank you for your quick answer, this is a journal whose administration comes from an institution so I need to ask this kind of information, but it seems is an older version (I have checked in a new dummy instalation and it is as you say).