Is it ok to clear the usageStats folder?

Can I clear the old archive and reject files inside the usageStats?

Will I lose anything by doing so?

Logs in the “usageStats” folders are destined to be processed into metrics within the OJS database.

Ideally, you would move the logs in the “reject” folder back to the “stage” folder for reprocessing. You may need to address specific errors in the rejected log files to get them to successfully process.

You could remove, move, or compress the logs from the “archive” folder if wanted. Note that you might want to reprocess these logs into metrics in the future, in which case you would want to keep copies of them somewhere. An potential example of a need to reprocess the logs would be if improvements or changes were made to the way the logs were converted into metrics. Perhaps:

  • You want to enable or disable location-based tracking
  • You want to filter out bot-based traffic which was previously unrecognized

@ctgraham, thanks.

About location-based tracking, is that already done? Or how can I used it effectively? I use COUNTER style stats for PDF downloads, and for everything else Google Analytics.

In OJS 2.4.x this is configured via:
User Home → Journal Manager → System Plugins → Generic Plugins → Usage Stats → Settings → Option Statistics Information

This depends on the inclusion of the optional GeoLiteCity database as described in the README:

In OJS 3.x, the instructions for the dependency remain the same. The configuration is similarly found in the Settings for the Generic Plugin “Usage Statistics”.