Is it a Bug? Page after clicking link in email valiation

Hello everyone!

I’m working with OCS 2.3.6

If a user valiates the account by clicking the Link in the email he/she lands on a page with the Text: “Thank you for activating your account. You may now log in using the credentials you supplied when you created your account.”

On our site some of the tags are not displayed translated, even in the english version. So I think there is a missing connection the the locale.xml. See the pic attached:

Any idea?


Hi @danielbrohm,

Try editing pages/user/; find the activateUser function (near line 160). Find the line reading…

return $templateMgr->display('common/message.tpl');

…and add just above it…


Please confirm whether that works, and I’ll add it to our source code repository!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear Alec @asmecher !

It worked !

Thanks for your support !


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