Is current OJS3 compliant to COUNTER 5 standard?

The Statistics documentation (Statistics) talks about being compliant with COUNTER code of practice i.e.

Finally, these metrics are filtered according to COUNTER Project processing rules so that multi-clicks and bot views are filtered by default.

However, it doesn’t refer to which version of COUNTER the statistics comply with. COUNTER 5 was released in January 2019 and we are due an audit to ensure that our platform complies with this standard - can someone confirm that this is what OJS provides?

Link: 1.0 Introduction | Project Counter


Hello @believedigital,

The Statistics tool in OJS has been developed in support of COUNTER 4 compliance, however, it’s up to the journal/service provider to actually ensure compliance.

Implementation towards supporting COUNTER 5 compliance is scheduled for OJS 3.4.

I hope that this information is helpful, but please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear Patricia,
will your team manage that OJS 3.4. will support COUNTER 5? When the OJS 3.4. is planned to be released?
Thank you for your answer.
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Hello @instituteofoncology,

It looks as though this issue was closed:, and as such OJS 3.4 should support COUNTER 5. OJS 3.4 is scheduled for release next year (likely within the first few months of the year, although that schedule could change).

PKP Team