Is anybody else using the Crossref/Scopus plugin and the Crossref ref linking plugin?

Hello, first post here. I am trying to find out if anyone else with a multijournal instance of OJS is using the Crossref/Scopus plugin and/or the Crossref reference linking plugin? We have over 40 journals on our instance for different institutions that we administer, and we are trying to determine if we enable these plugins on one journal will they then also show up on all the other journals. We also want to know if the Crossref/Scopus APIs that we get would be for our entire instance with all 40 journals or would be able to be created for only one journal at a time. Would all the different journal managers have access to stats for every journal, or can we limit it to one journal and only that journal’s journal managers?

Thank you for anyone who has any insight on this! Oh, we are running OJS 3.3 btw.