Interface glitch OJS during logout

When I enter system as user who submit submission and I want o logout I got that submenu with logout option appears much below that right below username in uprioght corner. Please see screenshot attached. ( Iuse OJS localized on Serbian language.
I click on Profile and after entering profile and attempt to log out submenu appears normally. But, beofer that appears much below as in screenshot.

Hi @vvucic,

Can you tell me the OS, Browser and Browser version that you’re using? I’m unable to produce this myself but it could be specific to one browser on one OS.

I use XAMPP with Windows 7 Ultimate. Browser is Firefox 50.01


I have the same issue on server with CentoS and SeaMonkey 2.40 and Firefox 50.1.0 for Linux.
I do not mind personally. It is fun. Its is like humorous TV Show. I feel like Mr. Bean goes on line. LOL.