Installing OJS in Mac OS X

Dear All,

Hopefully you can help me.
I am trying to set up a new Journal and I found this software proposal most interesting. However, I am having many difficulties installing it.

I downloaded the OJS 2.4.8 (after trying the 3.1.X without success). I followed the steps as the readme file instructs, though It seems there is a dead-end on guideline 5: "Open a web browser to and follow the on-screen installation instructions.” This is what I get from my browser:


In the meanwhile, I saw here a post recommending to install MAMP, which I did. But unfortunately it seems that is still missing some piece here…

Also, I am not succeeding in dealing with the patches.

I am wandering now, if this software is able to run in Mac OS X (High Sierra, 10.13.1)?

Most appreciative for your help.

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Hi Tiago. I am also new with OJS, and relatively new too with macOS (migrated from windows environment a few months ago) but succeeded to install OJS 3.1 a few days ago!
I am also on macOS High Sierra (10.13.2). So yes, can guarantee that it is posible to test this software on your local server.

I don’t remember the exact pathway I used to figure out this to run properly (It took me a few days of google and youtube research) but the tools I configured was:
-Turned on system built-int Apache
-Had already configured mysql (installed via Homebrew).
-And followed the OJS installation instructions.

One important thing (that I see from you print screen) is that, when everything is set, your browser web address should look something like this: http://localhost/ojs/index.php/TheNameOfYourMagazine/index

There is one last thing that was difficult (for me) to configure, after the app was installed. It had to deal with how the app connects to mysql (i had to choose mysqli as the database engine). This post helped me with that.

Good luck!

Many thanks GabeLon!
This is very very useful.

I progress a bit, I think, but something is still not working.
I did right all the steps from here Set up localhost on macOS High Sierra (Apache, MySQL, and PHP 7) with SSL/HTTPS

But I am not getting this from my browser…

Instead, it sais that I do not have ‘permissions’…
Though, I repeat the first step, and Terminal confirms me that Apache is already loaded and I did also the PHP turning on. My SQL is also running.

What do you think might be missing?

It occurred to me: do I need to buy a web domain before? Or at some point of this process…

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Another doubt:

At same point I read that it should be http://localhost/ojs/index.php/TheNameOfYourMagazine/index
At this point, I did not had the chance to say what is going to be the name of the journal…

It will be during this panel?

I am stuck here: my browser is not loading this installation screen, neither this panels of configuration. -I am using Safari… Should I do this procedures in Firefox instead?

My browser never get to show what the instructions mention:

And Yes, I did install MySQL and SequelPro and followed the instructions for configuration.

Very appreciative of your guidance.


PS - Another piece to this conundrum: I followed the instructions to create a .htaccess file, but the file does not appear at Home > Site Folder…