Installing OJS directly on an actual hosting server?

There is a Create Database feature in IONOS where I created an empty database called dbs333145. We can execute SQL commands there also. Now I want to link both of these by using the Grant command but not working. And that’s why I wanted to ask them what to put in Host when asked during installation here:

cos then it is not localhost anymore. It should be IONOS host, right? Also the Database name should be dbs333145? Ans what SQL command should I give to link the database to the OJS on IONOS?

But is it possible to install directly on a Hosting platform? or you reckon I install it on my system first and then migrate it? Can you provide me the link for step by step procedure for installation directly on the hosting server?

To install OJS, you will need to provide a Host, Credentials (Username, Password), and Database name for the Installation Form. You will need to provision the database User with the Password on the Host within your database software.

If you give this User permission to create databases, you don’t need to create the new Database in advance, and you can check the “Create new database” option. The installer will create and permission the Database you name as the User you specify.

If you do not give this User permission to create databases, you need to create the Database in advance and you must grant the User full Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) permissions to the Database. Uncheck the “Create new database” checkbox, and the installer will populate the existing database with OJS information.

I see that your screenshot appears to be OJS 2.x on an older PHP (5.x ?) installation. Please be aware that this is obsolete, and you should be using OJS 3.x with PHP 7.x when possible.

Thanks @ctgraham …I am on the installation form. I am installing OJS directly on the 1and1 server (IONOS)… And since the OJS files are on IONOS itself, I’m leaving Host as localhost, right? And then I change the username and password in too.

I did all of the above and it says “A database error has occurred: No such file or directory”
So I uncheck the “Create new database”, then I created a database separately on IONOS which is automatically called dbs333145. Then I Changed username and password in Then I wrote an SQL command "Grant ALL ON … " then it shows “#1044 - Access denied for user ‘o333145’@’%’ to database ‘ojs’” Is it because the installation is not complete yet?

you don’t need to edit before installation. script will make changes automatically when you will install OJS.

you can use 2 ways wuth DB

  1. a) create DB with IONOS interface
    b) enter your login\password\ database name (wich you receive like “dbs333145”) in install form
    c) uncheck checkbox “create new database”

  2. a) just enter your login\password
    b) provide desired database name
    c) check chekbox “create new database”

if rules at IONOS permit creation of customnames for database, 2 way will work. if they forbid custom names, then use 1 way

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Thank you for your help