Installation requirements

I think that it should be good to inform the potential users of OJS to take care on the following prerequisites before installing OJS:
Amount of RAM, Amount of HD space, important php.ini parameters such as max-file upload, max-execution-time
because users who install OJS on shared hosting plans need that information tosince shared hosting plans are limited and they require close cooperation with support guys in hosting companies.


Load on RAM and disk space will be entirely dependent on your users and content, not on the software, so we can’t really make good recommendations there.

I do like the idea of centralizing the recommendations for important php.ini settings and server configurations like the MIME path.

Are you aware of the Documentation Interest Group? That would be a good forum for this feedback.


IS there any way to apply for that group in order to contribute?

Why those hosting companies are needed? :slight_smile:

I am successfully running OJS3 on my old notebook with core i5 450M processor, 6GB RAM and Kingston SSD on board. Don`t think it will cause any problems till online exceeds 500-1000 users which is very unlikely for regional scientific journal.
All you need is fast access to internet :slight_smile:

Dear VItaliy,

I am glad that you do that. But, we have to take intoaccount that many people use it on shared hosting servers with much more limited resources. Thus, they do need more precise instructions about options and resources required.



Resources that can provide hosting company on the particular shared server is a matter of chance. We cannot extrapolate how many sites it runs. We cannot also extrapolate what online they have. Stable resources we can expect only with VPS or dedicated servers. In my limited experience with wordpress standard low price segment xeon processor with 2gb on board is enough for site with not big online. As for memory space the only serious limiter is size of uploaded articles and illustrations.

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I am not speaking about hardware resources. I am speaking about resources that shared hosting company offers for accounts. Thus, we have to test which are the best options and suggest to the users what is optimum for mid size and large journals. That is my suggestion.

Sorry for misunderstanding.

I have experienced only with 1 hosting provider (from Ukraine). There were limits only for “php memory limit” 128 mb (that is enough for OJS3). All other important parameters in php.ini was available for manual configuration for each client on shared server (php version, max upload size, max execution time and so on). Available disk space varied depending from prices.
So don`t know much about it.

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@vvucic, @AhemNason is the contact for the Documentation Interest Group.

Hello Vitaliy,

I have experienced many hosting companies who on shared hosting servers offer 32MB of RAM available and all php.ini parameters can be changed only by the support team, not user.