Installation problem:The directory specified for uploaded files does not exist or is not writable

I don’t find the right path to put in - I created a directory but not sure how to define the path currently I am trying this but it fails ./uploads
the full path to the directory is nfs://

Many Thanks !

Hi @schlattk,

Please be careful not to put your uploads directory somewhere web-accessible! This will put you at risk for attacks via malicious file uploads. It’s noted on the installation form and elsewhere.

I suspect you won’t be able to specify a nfs:// transport in the files_dir directive. A full path to a local directory on your server is probably best, e.g. /home/myaccount/ojs_files. Make sure file permissions permit PHP to write files there (there is a FAQ entry on how to do this).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

ok yes, it’s only on my mac for now. I will definitely change that. I used a path …/uploads and that worked but will change that before hosting it externally.

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