'Install locale' button not show in administrator setting

I installed OJS with primary Polish language. I would like to add a second language - English and change it to primary. The problem is that in Creator Wizard → Languages there is no ‘Install locale’ button displayed. I’m logged in as a user with admin privileges, I also don’t see any errors in PHP log files. Anybody can help me with this?
OJS version:
PHP version: 7.3.11

Hi @m_bo,

First: OJS 3.2 is not yet released, so might be not everything is working properly.
Otherwise, if I understand you correctly you have completed the OJS installation. Have you created a journal within it? After you create a journal you can go to Settings-Webside-Langauges and add additional language.

Regards, Primož

OK, I am totally new in OJS, so I wasn’t aware, that is not stable version, because I download OJS from Github repo.
I have add Journal and not see this button.
I try to downgrade to stable version (3.1.2-4) and see if there will be the same problem.

OK, I downgrade to stable version, create child theme. Problem dissapear.
Thank you @primozs

I think I’m seeing the same issue, though, in the now-released OJS-3.2.

When logged in as site administrator, I can navigate to Settings > Website > Setup > Languages, but I don’t see the option “Install Locale”. Is this intended?



I found the following solutions to this issue.

  1. Create second (fake, temporary, invisible…) journal.
  2. On the Administration tab you will see the Site settings section.
  3. Go there and add languages site-wide.

It seems that this is not a bug but feature, not sure



Hi all,

Regarding the locale installation issue, I had noticed this too but hadn’t gotten around to filing it yet. I’ve created a Github issue entry here: Language installation features hidden from single-journal installations · Issue #5640 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Than you very much. It worked :+1:

Hi, I have version 3.2.1 and in the settings for installing Persian language, when I type Persian in the admin section and the language section in install locale, it will not be installed at all for installation, please help.


Hi @masoud69f,

I’ve responded to your other post; please try not to post the same content several times, as it clutters the forum.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team