Inline HTML Galley - Plugin has replaced the HTML of article page

Hi, I have an issue with a plugin called (Inline HTML Galley) that it replaced the HTML of the article page, which caused an undesirable change in the display of the article page. So, I deleted the plugin through the plugin page in the dashboard of the website, Also from “Versions” and “Plugin-Settings” in the database. However, I cannot get back the same display before installing that plugin … Could you help me, please?

I am using OJS and our website is


ok I got a solution for this, for anyone who might face the same problem…

1- You Should follow the same steps I did to delete the plugin (delete it from the dashboard, and from the database in “Versions” and “Plugin-Settings” and any related file to this plugin in the server)

2- Go to the website dashboard and go to Website >> Appearance >> then save the settings in Theme and Setup and Advanced…This will be as a refreshment to the page and you will get back the display

Sorry for any disturbance, we learn from our faults

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