Inline HTML Galley for default theme

We would like to display the html content of an article (uploaded as html galley) on the article page.
We are using OJS and the default theme.

We have tried the Inline HTML Galley Plugin (, but using it breaks down the website.
It seems to mess up the template and no pages can be loaded anymore. To revert the changes, apart from deactivating the plugin, we also had to clear the template cache.

Would there be a way of making this plugin work with the default theme? Or some alternative to this plugin?

Hi @jnaat,

Did you check the PHP error log on the server when the site appeared to break? There might be a simple fix. (Tagging @ctgraham, as he’s involved in the authorship of the plugin and might have something more to add.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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The inlineHtmlGalley plugin will only work with the Bootstrap3 theme, or with child themes of Bootstrap3. This is documented in the README, but we also have an open ticket to automatically disable the plugin if someone tries to configure it outside of the Bootstrap3 theme.

For alternatives, consider the embedHtmlGalley plugin: GitHub - ajnyga/embedHtmlArticleGalley

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