Inital article for title and DOI not displayed within ORCID profile

Context : OJS 3.3.0-13 ; ORCID plugin v.

Testing with ORCID Sandbox (Member) :

Initial article (Prefix) for main title is not shown within Work Section of ORCID profile after being populated. However the bibTeX shows complete title. Is this intended?

Also I was expecting to see clearly the DOI within the Work Section of ORCID profile. Only the direct URL is displayed. However the DOI is included in the bibTeX record… (maybe similar to issue reported here ORCID, DOI missing from output ?)

Thanks in advance.


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Was informed that there is an open issue here regarding the DOI problem : OJS ORCID plugin is not sending DOI information to author ORCID profile · Issue #8356 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Yes, the prefix missing was also a bug.

Will release a fix there in the next version in 2-3 weeks

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Thank you @Dulip_Withanage. Just tested the latest ORCIDPlugin (v1.1.3.6) on our test instance OJS 3.3.0-14 with ORCID Sandbox. Now initial articles and DOI show properly in the ORCID profile!

Thank you very much for the feed back @Marie-Helene !