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I am using OJS 2.4.3 and trying to modify the “Information for Users”:

Usually I am using “Custom Locale Plugin” and changing such text. I believe I have to change the key “default.journalSettings.forAuthors” in the file “locale/en_US/default.xml”.

The problem is that if I change the text it doesn’t change in the GUI. It is still the same as before. I have cleared templates cache and cache, but still the same.

Any idea what is going on?

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,

The “information for authors” is a setup field, so you can change it directly in the journal setup without needing to use the Custom Locale Plugin. The string you find in the locale file is just what’s installed as a default when the journal is created.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi @asmecher,

Thank you for a fast response. It was really a stupid question, I apology for it :slight_smile:

Regards, Primož