Information block links are redirecting to an error page

When I click on any link in the information block on the sidebar, it leads to the following error

"You cannot call this operation without a context (press, journal, conference, etc). "

Additionally, “index.php/index/user/authorizationDeniedmessage=user.authorization.contextRequired#authorGuidelines” appears in the address bar of the browser!

I tried disabling and re-enabling the plugin but it did not worked.

Hi @sajidakeel

It’s hard to tell from your original post but this sounds like the information block is visible on a non-journal page, like a site index. Can you post more details about your site? What version of OJS are you using? Can you share a link to it?

The information block plugin can only be enabled on a journal, not on the site in general.


Hi @jnugent
The journal can be accessed at the following link

The information block is on top right corner. When you click it, it opens the relevant page. By clicking any link on that page, it asks you to login. But after logging in, it displays the errorr message.

Hi @sajidakeel

Ah, now I understand. The links in your block of text here are wrong:


The “register” and “privacy statement” links look like they are pointing to documents with an index.php/uploads URL, which is essentially telling OJS that you’re trying to load content from a journal called “uploads”. That journal probably does not exist, and that’s why they aren’t working. You just need to fix the links in that text, and you can do that from the journal settings interface.


Thanks! The issue is fixed!

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