Individuals ojs journals to be hosted in one?

Hi alec,
Sincerely, I have a great concern. 6 journals have published individually updated to version , and I 've been asked to organize them into a single host of magazines. how I do? Should I start over and perform each installation and transfer of data manually ? or , is there any way to take specific folders for each magazine to be transferred to the new host , without the users are deleted and the database remains intact ?. I appreciate your help very much.

You could move 6 independently hosted OJS installs to a single host with 6 OJS installs. This is a trivial operation, and probably not what you are looking for.

To move 6 independently hosted OJS installs to a single host with 1 OJS install, you have a few imperfect options:

  • The native OJS import / export functionality will migrate articles and issues and users. This will not include workflow history or journal settings.
  • There is a fullJournalTransfer plugin available from Lepidus. This will include articles, issues, users, workflow, and most journal settings. It will not include plugin configuration.

Hi, ctgraham,

thank you very much for your support, in case of using the second option then I must first :

  1. Install the plugin

  2. create a new magazine and being blank to import ?

forgive my ignorance of the subject , but I am beginner in this field . Again, thank you very much. best regard.

I would move one of the existing journals onto the new server, install the plugin on that journal, and then use that to begin the import of the remaining 5 journals.

I’ll tag @abadan in this conversation as the one who initially posted this plugin here: Unify several sites in one - #6 by abadan