Individual bounce addresses in multijournal installation not compatible with DMARC options [OJS3.1.2-4]?

Hi there,

we have a multi-journal installation of OJS 3.1.2-4 and want individual bounce addresses for each journal. However, we also want to use DMARC compliant from headers since we have had trouble in the past. Emails from editors from outside of our domain have been rejected by the recipient.
BUT when I follow the DMARC setting requirements as described in the and set it like this

; Allow envelope sender to be specified
; (may not be possible with some server configurations)
allow_envelope_sender = on

; Default envelope sender to use if none is specified elsewhere
default_envelope_sender =

; Force the default envelope sender (if present)
; This is useful if setting up a site-wide noreply address
; The reply-to field will be set with the reply-to or from address.
force_default_envelope_sender = on

; Force a DMARC compliant from header (RFC5322.From)
; If any of your users have email addresses in domains not under your control
; you may need to set this to be compliant with DMARC policies published by
; those 3rd party domains.
; Setting this will move the users address into the reply-to field and the
; from field wil be rewritten with the default_envelope_sender.
; To use this you must set force_default_enveloper_sender = On and
; default_envelope_sender must be set to a valid address in a domain you own.
force_dmarc_compliant_from = on

; The display name to use with a DMARC compliant from header
; By default the DMARC compliant from will have an empty name but this can
; be changed by adding a text here.
; You can use ‘%n’ to insert the users name from the original from header
; and ‘%s’ to insert the localized sitename.
dmarc_compliant_from_displayname = ‘%n via %s’

the activated force_envelope_sender option deactivated the individual bounce address fields in the journal backend. When I set force_envelope_sender=off, I do not get the DMARC compliant header.

Actually, this has been described before here in the forum by @orcalator but I do not see the suggestion from @jnugent working.

What do I do to get both? The possible individual bounce addresses would all be inside our domain.

Yes, the current options only support a single DMARC compliant address within the for the whole installation.

The other thread describes the “bounce address” per journal defined from OJS 2.x, but not particularly effectively used in OJS 3.x. My opinion of the best way forward is to scrap all of the options and to use this bounce address instead. This would then also need to be exposed at the Site level.

We’re not quite there yet.