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Bagaimana caranya supaya indexing google scholar dengan benar karena di punya saya muncul ip address bukan domain untuk settingnya bagaiaman ?

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Sorry - I can only respond in English, but I did want to suggest that you have a look at our Google Scholar guide here: Google Scholar Guide

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Sorry, I’m still having trouble

My problem is indexing on Google Scholar, why do I use IP addresses not directly to the domain?


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What I suspect happened here is that your site was indexed twice: once before your domain name was configured and you possibly had a publicly available IP address, and Google Scholar crawled that, and then it subsequently crawled it when you had the site published with your domain name configured. I can’t say this is for certain what happened, but it is a possibility, and something I’ve seen occur before.

Google Scholar does note here that they encourage you to contact them to fix indexing errors: Google Scholar Help - so you could try that.

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After checking your journal seems like you have let your IP address that hosts the same OJS online so google scholar will also take the IP as the source of the article.

It is better to configure the server to make redirection from IP to the correct domain by using some script (for apache server) like this :

Redirect 301 /

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Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences eissn 2320-8694, is OJS/PKP platform based journal, and all the recently published articles URLs are developed as per the OJS/PKP and google scholar guideline and are available at Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences, we wish our articles must be indexed in google scholar ( but more than one month is over but our articles are not yet indexed on google scholar.
All plugins and other required formalities as per the google scholar guideline so please do not send again the google scholar guideline, we have read this guideline many times and our website structure is already as per this guideline.
If anybody have any other suggestion, please share with us.

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Hope we will get support from your side.

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you can submit your journal site in the google search console… but you need to put the id file in your ojs folder. it will be index much faster.

Already done, but after that also not yet indexed articles

The problem may be in the metadata of the articles. Please open an article and see the page source while looking for the metatags citation_date and make sure that the content of the metatag is similar to the date of the issue where the article is published. If you find any discrepancies between the data, go to the submission (archives, if the article has been published) and click Schedule for Publication. Then, edit the publication date to match the date of the issue. Then, save. You need to do this in all articles (under all issues). The point is the publication date of the article must be equal to the publication date of the issue.

whatever you have suggested is already done and the metadata is correct after this also articles are not indexing in google scholar.
Do you have any specific technical specifications which can help us?