Indexing and peer review (OAI-PMH, Dublin Core)


I am trying to set up article level indexing of our multi-journal installation in a database and am looking for the best way to indicate peer review status in the OAI-PMH DublinCore feed. I’m guessing we should use the free text field “Identify items published in this section as a(n)” in the section options? From what I can see the “Will not be peer reviewed” option does not put any tags in the OAI-PMH. When using the free text field, is there some standard taxonomy that we could/should use?

I also would like to know how the “Will not be included in the indexing of the journal” option works. I can’t see any difference in the OAI-PMH after turning it on.

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Hi @mannemark,

One thing I’ve seen used is the way that the JATS standard uses certain categories to distinguish between different items (that are defined in the section setup in OJS): Attribute: Type of Article, One indexer I worked with ensured that the section settings had to use one of these standardized terms in the section settings for the “Identify items published in …” option. This doesn’t, however, explicitly state the peer-reviewed/non-peer-reviewed status of material, it does allow you to see the different types of material that might be published in OJS in a standard way (e.g. research article vs. editorial).

I’m pretty sure that “Will not be included in the indexing of the journal” refers to the full-text indexing (e.g. the mechanism that allows one to search within the OJS search feature) – not OAI-PMH.

PKP Team