Incompatibility between php5 and php7 during installation

Our journal disappeared from the website and we are trying to reinstall it. We have a backup of database but when we try using it we receive a message that it is running using the old version of php5.
The challenge we are facing is that on trying to input the data, the message says not compatible with the new version of php7 and also other error messages.

The Application Version is OJS 3.0.1
Kindly advise on how this can be resolved.

You will install it using php5 (php 5.6)
Then you will change your php version (php 7.4) and update to OJS

Do you have only database backup or database + web site files?

We have only database backup but no website files.
Please guide us on how to change the version from php5 to php7.

If you don’t have the website files, you probably don’t have the article pdf files either.
Did you have any published articles?

The method to change the php version depends on the platform you are using. You can get support from your hosting company in this regard. Or write us the platform you use.

We are self-hosting using a Linux server, in our case Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Yes, we have been publishing since 2018.

I’m afraid only database file won’t be enough to bring your journal site back. You need at least the “files” folder with the articles.

For multi PHP

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