Include reviews in follow up email OJS

In 2.x, if an editor forgot to include reviews in a notification, you could create another email and incorporate reviews. In, this feature doesn’t exist. Or am I missing something?

I can find no easy way to do this.

Alternatively, if a notification email could default to including reviews, this would be less likely to happen.

Any ideas?

Or should I make this a feature request?

Hi @SACJ_Editor,

One way this can be done is by re-recording the same editorial decision on the manuscript. This will prompt another email in which you can add the reviews.


Alternatively, if you don’t want this second editorial decision to appear in the manuscript history. You can copy the reviewer’s comments by clicking the reviewer details and notify the author in participant panel and paste in the comments.


I’m sure other users may have different suggestions for you.

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.

Thanks. I thought of all this but can’t find an interface to re-record a decision once it has gone to another round of review. Or an easy way to copy and paste the review since it is presented as styled HTML including text boxes.

What I did eventually: printed one page to PDF, which Chrome eventually did with a lot of tweaking, did a screen capture of the 2nd page then copied the text box into a document with the screen capture and combined it all into one PDF.