Incident logo copyright articles

Hello, I have the version:

I am attaching a screenshot in which I ask how to change said logo, since we now have another version of Creative Commons.

This logo appears every time you open an article under DOI and keywords:

I await your response…

You can set a default license in Distribution > Tab License

Or you can set it individually per submission, Tab Publication, Menu “Permissions & Disclosure”, by setting the corresponding license URL. In order to do this, you need to unpublish the article first.

Hello @mpbraendle . Yes, I want to change it in licenses, but the one we have does not appear in the list. It puts another url option, but I don’t know how to add the one we have. Attached screenshot:

This is what should appear:


It looks like the CC license img URL are defined in lib/pkp/locale/{locale}/submission.po

What happens if you exactly enter in the URL field? As far as I see, the img URL is defined for this in the es_ES locale submission.po

Hello @mpbraendle, I have added the link that you indicated in the url and it does not change. I’m waiting to see how I can solve it.

Hi - this is the “CC CC Reconocimiento-SinObrasDerivadas 4.0” option. The message string for key “” in submission.po seems to be wrong, should probably be “CC Atribución-CompartirIgual 4.0”

You should also notify the Spanish translation team about this error.

Hi @mpbraendle,

I have added that link and the logo that should appear does not appear, this would appear, I attach a screenshot:


Therefore it is not modified.

Hi @mpbraendle,

What could be the cause of the error, please attach a screenshot in the previous post… thank you!

I don’t understand. Everything is described already in Incident logo copyright articles - #6 by mpbraendle
The error is in the Spanish translation file, {your_ojs_root}/lib/pkp/locale/es_ES/submission.po
You can fix yourself, but it is better to notify the Spanish translation team so that it is fixed and will get into the next OJS version.
See more on translation here:

Hello @mpbraendle ,

I understand you, but I would need to know how I can fix it, even if it is directly changing that image in the .php itself that manages it. I await your response.