In search of help for how to include multiple language abstracts in HTML

Hello all,

We recently launched a new HTML format for our journal, Mashriq & Mahjar.

We would like to include Arabic language abstracts along with the English language abstracts on the same HTML page. I did a test run with our current HTML code and came across two conclusions: 1. We need the Arabic text to be aligned to the right, rather than the left and 2. We would want the Arabic abstract to match the formatting of the English abstract in size and font (which means the Arabic text font size may be larger so it visually looks the same size as the English text). It has become clear to me that these two items may need to be accomplished in our CSS, i.e. they are beyond the scope of HTML code.

My question is: are any other journals using OJS to accomplish dual language abstracts, especially when one language reads LTR and the other readers RTL? If so, how are you accomplishing this?

Thank you for your help!

This journal is multilingual (English and Arabic)

Abstracts of the articles are available in both English and Arabic. You can do this by activating two languages in the language settings.

I’m not familiar with showing both the English and Arabic summary in a single HTML file. Maybe others can help with this.

Thank you so much! It’s good to know it’s possible for PDFs. Yes, I think the HTML is the tricky part.

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