Importing submissions manually into the OJS 3.x system

[Hello everyone.
We are running a regional journal from business and economics and have performed the entire editorial process manually, by email. This is slow and frustrating, but never had time, or motivation to start with a Web-based editorial system. After choosing the hosted OJS and setting up the journal, there is a very large backlog of partially reviewed, or recent submission, still unreviewed, which were previously accepted by email. Is there any sensible way to import those submissions into the new OJS system? The whole system has a very limited appeal, once you are sitting on a bunch of submissions, which still have to be dealt with completely manually. Thank you for your advice.
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Niksa Alfirevic (, MJCMI journal (

Hi @nalf,

I see you’ve posted here: OJS import functionality question - with a more details on your use case. I’ll try to respond to your question there, but in the future, please don’t post duplicate questions to the forum, as this can create confusion and clutter here on the forum.

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