Importing into OJS from a Controlled Vocabulary API

Hello friends!

I’m trying to structure a plugin that can receive the TemaTres API that the editor wants. But I am not able to make this communication to search for the keywords.
Has anyone gotten this communication yet?

I think it’s a big step in the controlled vocabulary to insert Tematres in oJS, since the search is growing and leaving a standard that receives API from a base like that, we can expand to others.

I saw the [Finto]( structure and found it very interesting, if we can implement it so that the controlled vocabulary API is inserted. @ajnyga


I am working in a project where one of our aims is to look into this issue. Basically do changes that make it easier to create plugins that connect vocabularies like Finto and TemaTres to OJS. But this is still in planning stage, good to hear that there is interest towards it!


this is the issue to follow, it is worth adding your comment there to reflect that there is a community need for this Allow a journal to define a limited set of allowed keywords and reviewer interests · Issue #1550 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub


Thanks a lot for the feedback.
I’ll be following along and I really hope it’s possible to adapt.