Importing Articles/Issues

Hi there,

I’m using OJS 3.1 and trying to import articles and issues published on a different platform, which I’ve harvested through their OAI-PMH. I’m trying to import the XML document but getting error message : “Element ‘{}OAI-PMH’: No matching global declaration available for the validation root.”

I used the Native XML plugin to do this – which is what I assume is causing the problem.

Any other recommendations? How else can I do this?

You would need to convert the XML you get from OAI-PMH to the OJS native XML format. One way of doing it is XSL, but that is not that easy.

We may have a situation in the near future where several journals that have archives in dSpace are going to join our OJS service and will then probably do something to automate the OAI-PMH to OJS native XML workflow, but that is most likely next year.

I see,

We are migrating journals from bepress. I know there is a plugin to do this that’s in the works, but we’re trying to explore alternative ways of doing so in the meantime. Any update on the plugin timeline?

Hi Emily,

Apologies for the delay in responding, but in the event that you haven’t seen it already, the bepress->OJS migration plugin has been released. More info here: If you have any questions about using the plugin, just let us know.