Importing and exporting issues and articles

Hello, I am istaling ojs 3.02, I´m trying to import articles or issues I have saved y xml, but I can not. Wher is the export/import articles in version 3?


if you have fresh installation than it is the best to install OJS 3.1.0-1. Version 3.0.2 has got several glitches and bugs which are fixed in OJS 3.1.0.-1.
Import and export is in Tools, Export/import and Native Format …


Now I am having troubles installing version 3 on devian8 with php7

Please be more specific describing which difficulties you have.
If you use PHP 7 you should youse database driver MySQli.


I have instaled ojs 3.00 then oj3.1.1 over devian 8 and can access the instalation page
Thanks for your cooperation