Import OJS via native XML_error unknown uploader

Dear all,
we have a problem with the import of OJS content via XML export (native XML extraction), in version of OJS, to a new server, on which we intend to upgrade to a newer version of OJS. When importing, it returns a series of “unknown uploader mrago” errors:
Errors occured:

  1. Submission

    Unknown uploader mrago

How can we work it out?
Thank you.

Hi @Lexis

In order for imports to go ahead, the user account corresponding to the “uploader” attribute on your submissions in your XML document must already exist in the new installation. In this case you’ll need to create the mrago account first, and attempt your import again.


Thank you! We will try to create the account.

@jnugent hi :slight_smile: any ideas about “unknown genre”?

Hi @melise the genre of a file (the journal article “component”) must exist in the journal before you can import files using that file genre. For example, if you’re importing a file that’s a supplementary file, and in your other OJS install you had a file genre called “DATASET”, you’ll need to make sure that genre exists in the new installation before you can import files of that genre into it.

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Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
I created a new journal in another server and I’m trying to import a xml file that has the genre set. So, sorry for the basic and dumb question but, where can I find this component to set the genre in a new journal or new issue to avoid the error message?

Hi @melise ,

I forget what the 3.1.2 screen looks like but in 3.3 you can find the genre components here:

Screenshot at 2022-05-18 14-27-00


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@jnugent Thanks a lot! “Article text” is the unknown genre error that appears. All the article components are the same in both journals but still I’m unable to import the xml file. There’s nothing unusual in the error log file. The OJS version is the same (3.2), I recently upgraded from 2.8 to avoid incompatibility. Maybe there is something wrong in the exported xml files?

Well, now I just opened the XML file and deleted all the "genre=‘article text’ from it and IT WORKS. Don’t know why. But it works. :partying_face: