Import of XML articles and HTML galleys

I am importing articles in OJS 3.2.1-4 and it works quite well. I am following this XML sample ojs/export-issues.xml at main · pkp/ojs · GitHub

My question is how to import also HTLM galleys, that’s possible looking at the documentation here but is missing in the file sample that I am checking (or it seems missing, to me).

Do you have any suggestion?


Hi @marchitelli,

If you have a self-contained HTML file, you should just be able to do this in a similar manner you would to the PDF, as noted here:

You’d just be swapping out the PDF galley information for the HTML. Are you using local files or linking to a web location when importing?

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis
I tried following these instruction before asking but I got an error.

I punt like that in the file

            <article_galley xmlns:xsi="" locale="en_US" approved="false" xsi:schemaLocation=" native.xsd">
                <id type="internal" advice="ignore">1</id>
                <name locale="it_IT">test galley 1</name>
                <submission_file_ref id="10" />
                            <href src="" mime_type="text/html"/>

Hi @marchitelli,

Hmm… I think a possible issue here is that the link your using is not a direct link to an HTML page, but rather a dynamically generated page on the site, so it wouldn’t be able to take it through the import process. The file that you link to would have to end in .html You might need to separate your files into standalone .html files.
What did the error message that you received say?