Import/convert md5 passwords to sha1 in OJS 3.0.2

Someone can help me?

I have an old database (~7k entries) with users and passwords stored in md5 encryption. I understand that the OJS 3.0.2 uses the sha1 encryption, how can I convert them to sha1 or can I maintain them in md5 to be used along the new members in sha1?

I’m using OJS 3.0.2.

Until now I tried to copy a user with password in md5 into the OJS users table, with the encryption from set to md5. But when I try to connect, the password is wrong.

There is any possibility to get it work?

Recent versions of OJS 2 and 3 use the password_compat library rather than md5 and sha1. Passwords will automatically be updated to a modern hash rather than the old md5 and sha1 hashes as they are used (or as new ones are created). The encryption option in is only relevant for legacy password hashes which haven’t been upgraded yet (because the user hasn’t logged in).