Import a lot of journals

I have a lot of journals, from 1980. More than 200…
And each of them has 10 or more articles…

I need to import them into the OJS page.

I tried to do it manually, but I don’t know how to manage all the authors, do I need to create a new user, with the rol author for all 200 old articles?
Also, I tried it manual, because the journal style has changed since 1980.

Is there an easy way to import many journals, and many articles?


please be more clear:

  1. Do you want existing journals that have not been in OJS out in OJS?
  2. Do you have existing installation and you have to move them to ther installation of OJS on other server?

Not, they are in a pdf, right now I am separating that pdf into articles.

I was using the Quick Submit Module, and it works fine, but still taking to long.

I can also, create a CSV file with a table with all the data that a new article needs.
Is there a way to access the database, and upload that CSV file with the specification of all the articles?

I have done that for two journals. One of them has had approx 2800 articles and another approx 2600 articles. A lot of work. believe me, if you want to do that properly, it is teh best way to use QuickSubmit and do that. However, I strongly suggest to use the latest version fo OJS since this will save time for you since some previous versions do have some bugs that are fixed in OJS 3.1.0-1

Good luck!

Yeah, that is what i am doing, in the last version of ojs… btw, if there is any plugin development for that, i want to help…

Honestly speaking, whatever you do it will take more or less the same amount of time. Maybe @asmecher knows better solution.

Hi @josuevalrob,

I’d suggest looking at the XML import/export plugin. You’ll need to do some work to convert your data to the XML format OJS uses, but for large volumes of data, it’s the best way. You won’t need to have a user account for each author.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi everyone,

James from PKP|PS here. For a truly large set of issues/articles, I’d recommend the XML import/export plugin as well - same as what @asmecher says. The big work is in converting your data to XML. If you have content in .csv or excel format, you can use an online csv->XML conversion tool like CSV To XML Converter, or a desktop tool (maybe Oxygen or XML Spy or something similar) to convert your data to basic XML, and then do some pattern matching to build up the proper XML. It’s laborious, and you will probably make some initial mistakes, but it’s still going to be faster (and probably less error-prone in the long run) than keying all this stuff in manually via the Quicksubmit plugin. If you can provide some detail on how you currently have your article information stored, I could provide some further suggestions.


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I made this for importing journal archives to our site: GitHub - ajnyga/tsvConverter: Excel to OJS3 XML conversion tool

You basically need to write your data to an excel sheet and the converter will then create OJS3 compatible XML that you can just import to OJS. Note that I did not design this for wider use originally, just happened to mention it in another thread here and decided to upload it to github (How do I import issues and articles from spreadsheet? - #19 by asmecher). So I can not promise any wide support or that everything will work as expected, but we have imported archives from six journals so far.

It still requires manual work to write the excel sheet, but that is definitely faster than using quicksubmit.


Do you have an XML example?