Implementation of Manuscript Title and Article ID in review form

we use OJS version
I prepared a review form for our journal. In the head of the review form I want to implement a row where the manuscript title and the article ID will automatically be inserted, when a reviewer fills out the form. Is it possible? When I insert {$articleId} and {$articleTitle} the brackets are not filled out.

In German:
Ich wünsche mir ein Begutachtungsformular, in dem automatisch die ArticleID und der Titel des Manuskriptes angezeigt werden, wenn der Begutachter das Formular ausfüllt. Ist es möglich, dies zu implementieren?

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Please post the path of the file modified and the particular code you used here. Or, better, post a link to a Github commit if you have one. We can offer some pointers if we see the code.

Hi @Sleipnir,

If you’re trying to use the same approach you use in email templates to get information like the article title, user name, etc, that’s not possible inside the review forms. The controls and the text you create there will be presented as they are, they will not be replaced by the context information like it happens in the email templates.


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Thanks Bruno!
But why is it possible in the email templates and not in the review form? Is there a way to implement it also in the rev. form? Our editors want to print the review forms in order to file them in a (non-digital) folder. Therefore, it would be of advantage if at least the article ID would be inserted. If reviewers have to do it manually, it costs extra time and mistakes may occur.

@ctgraham: Until now I did not make any changes to the code. I just wrote Article ID: {$articleId} Title: “{$articleTitle}” into the description field of the review form.

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This is implemented in email templates, see part of the code that does that at lib/pkp/classes/mail/ file, at line 116. That’s where the parameters (articleTitle, userName, etc) are replaced in the mail template body text by their current values.

This is not happening in the review forms elements. One way to implement it is to replicate what’s happening in the method I sent to you above in the classes/submission/form/, at the display method. There, after getting the review form elements, you can check for the content setting in all elements and replace any {$somethingHere} there by anything you want.

Then your journal managers can start to use, inside the review form elements text, {$somethingHere} tags that you implement on that method (only presentation, the reviewers will not be able to use those tags to answer the reviews).