Immersion theme: no index.tpl or indexJournal.tpl?

Hi all - I’ve run into a puzzling issue - I’m setting up a journal using the Immersion theme, and neither of the front page template files appear to exist. Any suggestions welcome (different file name perhaps?)

Running OJS


Hi John

I believe the Immersion theme is a child theme from the default theme so it doesn’t need any tpl files

Hi @Jon_Roffe and @navotera,

The Immersion isn’t a child theme of the Default theme. Front-end templates are here:

Thanks to you both, very much appreciated.



I wonder if I can again impose on you Vitaliy. I’m trying to resolve a couple of quite basic things but can’t seem to find the right .tpl files to modify:

  1. I’d like to have the author text under the title

  2. I’d like the link on the title text to go straight to the article, rather than to the presentation of the abstract page (presumably the same template will allow me to delete the ‘PDF’ text insertion

Thanks in advance - and apologies for the tedious questions. First time around with this great software and this very good looking theme


  1. How URL of the page looks like? There are several pages that contain article title.
  2. That sounds like article_summary.tpl. Do you want to add a link to the HTML galley instead of a link to the article landing page? You can take a look at the galley_link.tpl for examples of such links.