Immersion Theme: create issue problem (Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned.)

Dear Colleagues! Dear @Vitaliy !
First of all, thank you very much for your new Immersion Theme.
Its great! but I ran into one problem (

When trying to create New Issue (Issues >>> Future Issues >>> Create issue)
got an error Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned


** we tried on different sites and different hosting. OJS 3.1.2*

Please, help to solve the problem…

Hi @OSU,

Thanks for pointing the problem. I’ve created an issue. There is a referenced commit already, can you apply it and tell if it resolves the problem?

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After making all the changes you indicated in everything works perfectly!!! Tested on three 3.1.2 sites. All options related to creating issues works fine. The problem is resolved!

Thank you for help!

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