Immersion theme: black on black for the Download graphs


I have noticed that the usage graph shows a black on black issue: in other words, I can’t see the lines of the statistics, since everything looks black. I attach a screenshot about this, and a link:
I am running OJS with Immersion theme (latest version available).
There could be some hints for how to fix this?
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Immagine 2021-05-04 110030

Hi @leonardo.mancini,

I see what you mean. I just tested this as well, and the Immersion theme has limited options in terms of adjusting the colour for this area. It only gives the options for the journal description and announcements:

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 7.11.57 AM

You could always alter the theme’s styling for a different colour for this particular section: CSS/LESS

But, I wonder if the some of the developers, like @Vitaliy of this theme might also want to weigh in on whether or not a change to the theme is needed, since we obviously would want the Downloads statistics section to show.

PKP Team

Hi all,

Thanks. I don’t think we considered this plugin during the work on contrasts. @leonardo.mancini, can you open an issue with the description on the theme’s Github page: Issues · pkp/immersion · GitHub, just to make sure not to forget to make the fix before the next release?

edit: corrected the link

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