Immersion Theme and template caching problems

Hi. I’m troubleshooting a strange template issue and hoping someone might have a solution. I have a journal that’s using the Immersion theme by @Vitaliy and its caches appear to be overriding all of my Bootstrap themed journals like so:


I know that information block div is from Immersion because of the extra “col-md-3” class. Also, if I clear the template caches everything looks fine again, but if I load the Immersion journal, all of the Bootstrap journals go back to looking like the image above. The extra “col-md-3” class also appears in the default theme template, but since that’s a bootstrap class, doesn’t break the layout.

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Hi @bart,

Thanks for reporting!
It looks like a problem in choosing right path to templates of block plugins. I think somewhere should be a check from what context those templates are requested. It’s not specific to Immersion theme. Can you open a new issue here: Issues · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub?

Thanks @Vitaliy. [OJS] Block plugins and cacheing problem · Issue #5592 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub