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I am using OJS with the Immersion theme. However, I noticed when I active the Captcha in the config file users cannot register. It doesn’t show. Are there more people encountering this problem?

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Dear @Zarevac,

Just to get this out of the way, have you created the recaptcha keys (version 2) and turned “enforce hostname” on?

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Hello @jnoronha

Yup, version 2 and enforced hostname are both verified/on.



Yes, we see it, too, with both Immersion and Health Sciences themes.

Since we host multiple journals on one OJS installation, our workaround is for users of those journals to log in to one of our other journals. Then they can go to the Dashboard of the journal that has the Immersion or Health Sciences theme.

The alternative is to temporarily change to another theme until captcha support can be added to those two themes.

Yea but I get a lot of spam signups now :frowning: So I need to see if I can fix this or switch theme. Most likely the latter, making a Bootstrap 5 theme that fits with the rest of the site wouldnt be a bad thing.

Hi all,

It’s probably as easy as adding the relevant ReCAPTCHA code from the default theme to the same template in the immersion and health sciences theme.

In the default theme you can see this stanza (this is for 3.4.0-x, but you can look in the same place in your local install if you’re using e.g. 3.3.0):

Then you can try adding it to the same template in your theme, which will be plugins/themes/immersion/templates/frontend/pages/userLogin.tpl (in Github here).

Then you’ll need to do the same for the registration page as well, which is lib/pkp/templates/frontend/pages/userRegister.tpl.

If someone can get this working, and open a pull request for the themes, I’ll make sure it’s code-reviewed and get it merged for a new release.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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