Image as header/banner

In this example of an OJS installation: an image is used as the website header. Immersion: An OJS Theme Demo , but i cannot find anywhere how this is done. i can add an image. but it is always displayed beneath the header . documentation is not clear 9to mee)

Hi @geejee66

That’s being done with the “homepage image” field in the Immersion theme. There is also no logo used. There is no custom CSS on that installation.


This is in the settings https:////management/settings/website

Then in Theme use Header Background Image
When a homepage image has been uploaded, display it in the background of the header instead of it’s usual position on the homepage.
Show the homepage image as the header background.

Hi @geejee66,

In addition to Jason’s comment. This is the default behaviour for the Immersion theme and in the Default theme, this is an optional setting.

The PKP Documentation Interest Group is currently working on a guide that will provide a comparison of all free themes and will be available in the Documentation hub in the near future.

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