Identify usage of Quick Submit vs. normal workflow

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I was wondering if there is a way to get the numbers of articles that have been submitted via the Quick Submit Plugin vs. the normal workflow (either for a given journal or the whole instance).

I’m under the impression that completed submissions look the same in the DB (submission_progress = 0 and stage_id = 5) in both cases. Does someone maybe have a nifty little SQL query at hand?

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Hi @dennmuel,

I posed this question to our developers and unfortunately, whether or not an item is submitted via Quick Submit, is not included in the DB at all, so there won’t be a query for it.

PKP Team

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If you have access to the webserver logs, you could search through them to count each time data was POSTed to the QuickSubmit endpoint with a 200 response to estimate this.

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Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile: I’ve had the same idea, but our logs don’t go back far enough in order to be useful in this case.

Hi @dennmuel,

I’ve filed tracking of the source of an article in Github:

There are a couple of links there that describe a heuristic based on dates that can be used to distinguish imported from regular workflow submissions – but it’s imperfect.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Great, thanks very much, @asmecher!

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