I have problem with XLM file

This is error:
Report date: Jun 21,2022
Conflict count: 378626
Publisher: Revistas Killkana
Title count: 1
Conflict count: 1


Created: 2022-06-16 18:01:01.0
ConfID: 6546899
CauseID: 1532494886
OtherID: 1516574035
JT: Killkana Social
MD: De Agostini Solines, 5 ,3,i,2021,Regreso a la Presencialidad: larga o corta vida
DOI: 10.26871/killkanasocial.v5i2.892(Journal) (6546899-N )
DOI: 10.26871/killkanasocial.v5i3.892(Journal)
How can I solve that?, I attach the content of the XML:

<conflict_report prefix=“10.26871” date=“Jun 21,2022”>


<journal_title>Killkana Social</journal_title>
<article_title>Regreso a la Presencialidad: larga o corta vida</article_title>






I appreciate your help.


Hello @aguerrero22,

Can you please indicate what version of OJS you’re using?

PKP Team

Hi - you should enclose your XML into block quotes, it is incomplete in your original post.

BTW: This is a report from Crossref, I’m not sure whether this forum is the right place to answer your question.