I do not understand the procedure of upgrading to OJS 3.0.0

Dear all,

I read the instruction of upgrading to OJS 3.0.0 both in the package and in Github but I do not seem to understand the procedure.

- Download and decompress the package from the OJS website
- Make a copy of the config.inc.php provided in the new package 

[Where should I paste it? Into the currently installed version and replace it with the existing one?]

- Move or copy the following files and directories from your current OJS
    - config.inc.php
    - public/
    - Your uploaded files directory ("files_dir" in config.inc.php), if it
      resides within your OJS directory

[Why? Will I have to copy them back to the existing folder later?]

- Replace the current OJS directory with the new OJS directory, moving the
  old one to a safe location as a backup.

[If so, why should I copy this and copy that if I can just replace them all? I am sure I do not understand this]

- Be sure to review the Configuration Changes section of the release notes
  in docs/release-notes/README-(version) for all versions between your
  original version and the new version. You may need to manually add
  new items to your config.inc.php file.

[So, I dont have to run any command. The procedure is complete. I just need to upgrade the database and that’s it. Will my previous publications be deleted?]

Thank you for your help. I desperately need it.

Thank you


I’ll assume you are upgrading from 2.4.x to 3.0.x.

The statement “Make a copy of the config.inc.php provided in the new package” is slightly inaccurate. The important thing is to integrate any new changes from config.TEMPLATE.inc.php into your config.inc.php, or (perhaps better) copy any changes in your existing config.inc.php into a clean file based on config.TEMPLATE.inc.php.

The next two steps, “Move or copy…” and “Replace the current…” assume you are setting up the new 3.0.x installation in a temporary directory, and then hot-swapping it to your live install. The idea here is to be online as long as possible; doing the slow work of synchronizing the files and config.inc.php settings while the old version is still online. If you prefer working just in your live directory with a site outage, that is fine as well. You will just need to observe two things: 1) Be sure you fully backup your original 2.4.x install, including the code, database and files. 2) fully delete the original 2.4.x install; you cannot just drop 3.0.x overtop of it.

There are still two steps to the upgrade, as before: 1) Code Replacement and 2) Upgrade Script. You will need to proceed to the second step after the finishing the “review to Configuration Changes” stage. See:

Thank you very much for your guide. However, I could not understand it well. May I ask you to provide a step by step guide about how to accomplish the upgrade. I have successfully installed OJS and I am trying to update it to OJS 3.2 through full package upgrade because I cannot work with Git. I tried several times but I failed. I do not know in which step I am doing wrong. Unfortunately, the guides are not simple enough. Furthermore, I could not find any video on the web.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @Amin_Salehi-Abargoue,

OJS 3.2 has not yet been released. I suspect you are using the “Download” button from the OJS github page – do not use this, as it will not be complete; get OJS from the PKP website.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher

Thanks for your reply. I made a mistake in my previous post. I want to upgrade to OJS 3.1.2. I tried the method explained above and also the method explained in the OJS 3.0 guide. But it was not working. May I ask you to provide a step by step guide about how to conduct the full package upgrade? I think OJS have to provide an upgrade guide for dummies (like me)!

Hi @Amin_Salehi-Abargoue,

Download the latest OJS release from the PKP website (currently that’s OJS 3.1.2), and look in docs/README.md for complete instructions. If you get stuck with those, describe how far you got here.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks @asmecher . The guide is now changed for 3.1.2. As I newly installed OJS, I removed my original installation and installed the new version. It is working now. I will wait for next versions and then I will ask my questions if I face any problem. Thank you again.

hello i am trying to upgrade from ojs 2.4.8.x to 3.1.1 i looked in docs/readme i complete the instructions but it is not working i get stucked and appears http error 500 can you help me with that please