I can't make text changes on the front page of my magazine

I am trying to modify the text but when I save the changes, they are kept in the information tab, but they are not shown to the public.
The changes I try to make in, “website settings / appearance”
I attach an image of one of the parts that I want to modify.

My version of OJS is:

Hi @Sunny,

Could you try clearing the caches under the Administration settings and see if that makes a difference?

PKP Team

I cleared all the caches and it still doesn’t save any changes. I see something that catches my attention, on the right there is a symbol of the planet and it is in red, in other places it is green or gray, is it a symbol to denote if the area allows changes?

Oh - actually that might mean that it is expecting the content to be updated in more than one languages - if you have multiple locales installed. So, if you have English locale installed, it is expecting to have an English translation equivalent for this text. You may want to check your language settings in Website → Settings → Languages to see if you have required another language for “Forms”

PKP Team

I did as you instructed and the planet symbol turned green!!, but the text that I modify in that area when I save it is not displayed in the home area of ​​my journal.

Hi @Sunny,

Hmm… not sure what is happening here. Perhaps you could check your PHP error logs to see if there are any relevant errors there? Typically, with an issue of this nature there might be an error occurring “behind the scenes,” which, often the PHP error logs will give a clue as to what is happening.

PKP Team

Ok I’ll do what you tell me, but since I’m new to these things I’d like to know where php keeps its logs in linux, and then I’ll check. Maybe see something. If I can’t, I’ll send you the log.
I’m not sure if they’re in /var/log, anyway I checked there and what’s for php is almost empty.

Hi, @Sunny,

This post provides some guidance on locating the PHP error log: How do I find my PHP error log? - #3 by asmecher

Best regards,

PKP Team

I managed to find this: