I am unable to give line break in OJS

Hi mate!

I am trying to give line break in abstract but it doesn’t work. I got spaces instead of line break. Can someone help me out? (I am using tinyMCE editor.
Thank you!

Hi @imaazahmed,

What version of OJS are you using?
What happens when you try to insert line breaks?

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I am using Line break is not working. I get spaces between the words instead of line breaking.

@rcgillis Can you please help? I am stuck

@asmecher Can you help me here?

Hello @imaazahmed,

I suspect this may be because you do not have the the
tag entered as part of the allowed tags in config.inc.php:
Please see here for example: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pkp/ojs/master/config.TEMPLATE.inc.php (under the allowed_html)

Can you please try adding the <br> tag to the this list in your config file?

Please be patient in waiting for responses to your questions and do not post unnecessary issues - it may take us some time to respond to questions posted here.

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It’s already there. As you can see in picture.



This one in Config TEMPLATE.inc.php

HI @imaazahmed,

You should copy the line for the allowed_html from config.template.inc.php' to your 'config.inc.php - note that the formatting in your existing config file for the allowed_html is different, each of the allowed tags is indicated in a list, separated by a comma (e.g. sup,sub,br,p) - this is the correct way to format it in OJS 3.x config files - the format in your current config file was used in OJS 2.x.

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